The 2023 American Library Association Exhibition

Engage Books recently participated as an exhibitor at the American Library Association (ALA) Exhibition held from June 23-26 in Chicago. As the world’s largest library event, the ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition draws thousands of librarians, educators, authors, and exhibitors. 

During the exhibition, we had the pleasure of interacting with numerous librarians who expressed their appreciation for our books, stating that they fill a crucial void in content for young readers. The books focused on mental health, emotions, disabilities, and social issues were specifically highlighted as being both unique and necessary additions to children’s library collections.

Engage Books showcased a wide range of frontlist titles at the ALA Exhibition. These titles cater to a diverse set of interests and educational needs, ensuring that children have access to engaging and informative content. Some notable series and titles featured include:

Understand Your Mind and Body (Level 3): Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Asthma, Body Image, Depression, Diabetes, Dyslexia, Hearing Loss, Obesity, Speech Disorders, Vision Loss.

Working Towards Equality (Level 3): What Is Ableism?, What Is Ageism?, What Is Antisemitism?, What Is Homophobia?, What Is Racism?, What Is Sexism?

Our Changing Planet (Level 3): Air Pollution, Climate Change, Extreme Weather, Habitat Loss, Ocean Pollution, Shrinking Wetlands.

Emotions and Feelings (Level 2): Grief, Gratitude, Worry, Love, Guilt.

Emotions and Feelings (Level 1): Anger, Fear, Happiness, Sadness, Surprise.

We are excited and proud of our 2023 catalog, which is committed to creating books that make a difference. Engage Books aims to empower children, encouraging critical thinking and nurturing informed and engaged citizens who can contribute to a better world. The frontlist titles were carefully curated to achieve this goal, covering topics such as mental health, disabilities, social issues, and environmental concerns.

Engage Books believes in the power of informing children about social issues and inspiring them to come up with solutions as they grow older. By addressing emotions, social equality, and our changing planet, Engage Books provides children with the tools to better understand their world and become agents of positive change. 

Engage Books’ participation at the American Library Association (ALA) Exhibition was a success, with our unique educational content receiving positive feedback from librarians across the United States. By addressing crucial topics and filling content gaps for young readers, Engage Books aims to make a significant impact in the field of children’s literature. As the world continues to change, Engage Books remains committed to empowering children and providing them with the knowledge and tools to become informed, compassionate, and active participants in shaping a better future.