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ENGAGE BOOKS™ is currently accepting submissions of childrens books, science fiction novels, humour (non-fiction), and popular science (non-fiction).

Do you have the next breakout childrens book. We want to hear from you. We are looking for children's books (fiction or non-fiction) from baby to age 6. 

We are currently accepting science fiction novels. While we will consider all submissions of a speculative nature, preference will be given to stories with compelling characters, ideas and events that keep our staff turning pages. We are building Engage SF to become a leader in space adventures. Space opera may be the best term to describe the type of science fiction we wish to publish, with stories that take place in an outer space environment, or a society where space travel is possible. Brian Aldiss' definition of space opera in 1974 as "the good old stuff" fits nicely into our theme, yet we are looking for fresh ideas that match Hartwell and Cramer definition of space opera as a "colourful, dramatic, large-scale science fiction adventure, competently and sometimes beautifully written, usually focused on a sympathetic, heroic central character and plot action, and usually set in the relatively distant future, and in space or on other worlds, characteristically optimistic in tone. It often deals with war, piracy, military virtues, and very large-scale action, large stakes." Keep in mind that not everything needs to be large-scale, and the plot doesn't need to be focused on war (usually a struggle or obstacle of some kind needs to be overcome). Submit your full length novel using our online submissions section.

We are looking for manuscripts that make science and technology interesting. How does the International Space Station work, and what should the space stations of the future look like? Why are entrepreneurs entering the space industry, and what kinds of space ships are they planning to build? What have scientists discovered about the theory of relativity? Why does time move forward, how can it slow down, and can we turn back the clocks? Think about technologies that will push boundaries, open peoples minds, and help shape the future.

When submitting a manuscript, please keep in mind that we are only accepting children's books, science fiction novels, and popular science (non-fiction) at this time. 

Submit your manuscript using our online submissions form: