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File 339

Cox, Matty

Sometimes referring to himself as a chronic hyperbolizer, Matty has kept his past relatively secretive until now. Matty Cox was born in Las Vegas to a showgirl named Tiffany. She was a loving and devoted single mother who worked hard to give her son every opportunity to succeed in life. Matty spent much of his young life backstage in the showgirl lounge and by the age of two he could snap off a woman’s bra using only one hand. Growing up surrounded by charming, beautiful, half naked ladies helped to sculpt Matty into the well rounded man he is today.

Wrote: Let Me Put My Poems In You


Blog: Provocative Penman


File 340

Hazlehurst, Victoria R.

Victoria R. Hazlehurst was born in 1945 and raised in Cheshire, England. In 1974 she immigrated to Canada and started a family in Port Alberni, British Columbia. She has three sons, an electrician, a pilot and a publisher. Victoria has worked in a retirement facility for a number of years, planning activities for seniors. She loves to ride horses and has a passion for poetry and photography.

Wrote: Sixty-Five Years Till Now




File 341

Stevenson, Chris

Chris Stevenson has been a native Californian for most of his life, until recently moving to Sylvania, Alabama. His career has spanned such occupations as automotive mechanic and service manager, government security officer, and newspaper reporter and editor. At the age of 26 he discovered Twilight Zone Magazine and got the urge to write short stories. Shortly after, he entered the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest and placed amongst the finalists. Since those early days, he has published two non-fiction books, sold five novels, numerous short stories to the major slick magazines, and hundreds of newspaper articles.

Wrote: Planet Janitor